Monday, October 3, 2016

Pixhug Changed My Life

I remember the day I graduated college. I was staring at my newly minted diploma playing with my tassel vaguely listening to our commencement speaker. At one point, as I was daydreaming about the after party that was guaranteed later that night, I heard this unidentified scholar talk about the power our generation has been given. “The voice of the future” was his exact phrase. I only remembered it because the man repeated it over 20 times throughout his speech. The voice of the future…what the hell is that even supposed to mean? I graduated almost 6 years ago and I felt my voice  drowned out and ignored like many of my “lost generations” peers. I remember leaving the the convention hall that day ready to make a serious difference in the world. For me it was never about money, or fame for that matter…it was about legacy. I wanted to leave something behind that would outlive me. Make a positive influence in the world that would alter our current discourse of hate and division. It is safe to say I am an idealist, but I simply wanted to do something that mattered. I found it nearly impossible to make such a noise; to make such a change; that would thread the needle in a positive direction. That was, of course until I discovered a movement that gave me a platform to really make a change…Pixhug. 

Pixhug is the real deal. I would have never thought that an app, a social media app at that, would empower the masses to actually make a difference without needing to donate money or time. 
I have been so incredibly surprised by the power this app possesses. It has genuinely taken the "selfish" out of the "selfies" and social media. This isn't just an app, its a movement. A revolution that give you the power to make an immediate and everlasting change in the world. To make the likes that we have been programmed to click on ever since Facebook was created to actually mean something! 
Thank you, Pixhug Media! 

Raising money by liking photos! How is that even possible! I haven't had the pleasure to meet the founders of this company, but I genuinely want to say thank you...Thank you for empowering us and giving us a tool to make a difference. I am officially a fan and I will continue to write about this because the word needs to spread that Pixhug is a movement brewing and we all need to do our part for our better future. 

Go now to and download the app on the apple store and start making a difference immediately!


  1. This is so inspiring, thank you! It makes us happy to hear from our users and know that Pixhug makes you feel empowered and excited. We would absolutely love to meet you - email us at!
    Hugs from the Pixhug team

  2. Love this! Pixhug is my favorite photosharing app! Keep it up!